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Daniel M. Borger, Chief Master Instructor

Master Dan Borger is a 9th Degree Black Belt and is the Chief Master Instructor of the American Kang Duk Won Association. Master Borger began training directly under Grandmaster Raymond P. Arndt in 1980 at a local marina in Port St. Lucie, FL.  The first dojang was outdoors on a shuffleboard court.  Master Borger earned his black belt in 1984 and immediately began teaching classes with Grandmaster Arndt at the Port St. Lucie Recreation Center.  During this time, Master Borger assisted Grandmaster Arndt in the development of Quad Training (4-Point Sparring), established annual Family Night demonstrations, and developed and implemented the AKDW Women’s Self-Defense and Assault Prevention Program. Under Grandmaster Arndt's guidance, and having recognized the talents and abilities of youth students, Master Borger trained, developed, and promoted the first minor-aged black belts in American Kang Duk Won history; thus creating the Junior Black Belt program.  He also inspired demonstration teams among groups of students which led to the development of formal demonstration teams throughout the association.  As Grandmaster Arndt's chief student in Florida, Master Borger has inspired and led significant growth and development within the American Kang Duk Won Association.


American Kang Duk Won Directors

Christopher M. Cicio, Senior Master Instructor Dr. Mark F. Gabel, Master Instructor
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