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   Grandmaster Raymond P. Arndt

Grandmaster Raymond P. Arndt


 Set your goals high and reach for them with desire and determination.

 GMA 1972Grandmaster Arndt (1972)

 The ultimate weapon is the mind!

 Arndt Kim SparringGrandmaster Arndt and Master Kim (1972)

 Arndt BreakingGrandmaster Arndt (1971)

 Arndt ParkGrandmaster Park Chul Hee and Grandmaster Arndt (1971)

 KDW 1970sKang Duk Won (early 1970's)

 Arndt HOFInduction of Grandmaster Arndt into the Action Martial Arts Hall of Fame (2007)

 Arndt KimMaster Kim and Grandmaster Arndt

There are no such things as excuses, only results.

 Arndt"The Boss"

There are three types of people: those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who wonder what happened!

   A Legacy of Knowledge, Strength, and Leadership

   1934 - 2010